the procedure

Do you want a lasting memory of your pregnancy? We'd love to create it for you and are happy to explain how we do this.


We welcome you with love in Improve Studio, where our studio is located. Take a seat inside and make yourself comfortable. Then it is time for your appointment and you will meet Bibi or Marlies. While enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, we will match your wishes to our possibilities. Once you have decided how your figurine will look, we will proceed to the scan.

Welcome to the BellySisters Experience

Step 2

We advise scheduling the appointment between weeks 33 and 36 of pregnancy. This is when your belly is best captured. We add new dates to our booking calendar continuously. Let us know when it would suit you.

Make your appointment

Step 1


The scan is the basis for the creation of your figurine. It is carefully and cautiously examined and refined by hand. After approximately sixteen to twenty weeks it is ready to be sent home to you.

A gift for yourself

Step 4

* For the best result, we advise you to have the scan done without clothing. If you do not feel comfortable with this, you can wear underwear. It is important to wear smooth and skin-colored underwear in this case.

It's time to give shape to your figurine! During the scanning process, we will capture your position.* We'll show you where and how to position yourself. The biggest challenge is standing still while one of us walks around you with the scanner for two minutes. If desired, the scan can be edited, for example to soften dimples or nipples.

The scanning process

Step 3


Have you become enthusiastic?