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The Motherhood figurine - perhaps the most exceptional variant among all our sisters. While most 3D figurines are created with the baby still safely in the womb, the Motherhood figurine immortalizes an invaluable feeling: the baby safely on the mother's chest. A family piece in a nutshell.


An appointment for the Motherhood sculpture is slightly different than for immortalizing a pregnancy. Here, your little one is of course an important part of the scan. In general, the rule is: the older the baby, the more mobile. And because your baby needs to lie still during the scan (about three minutes), we recommend coming to us in the first two months after birth.

That may feel a bit soon, but we ensure that both you and your baby are completely relaxed. How do we do that? By taking more time for the appointment and by inviting you a little earlier so your little one can get accustomed. Finally, with a warm blanket you've brought from home, your baby will feel the comfort of home in our studio.

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Our Motherhood sculptures are exclusively cast in bronze. A deliberate choice, as we aim for the highest possible quality. Through this traditional, centuries-old technique - where the smallest detail must be visible in the end result - we can ensure that for your sculpture.

Ancient Technique


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When you visit us, you’re guaranteed to receive a real BellySister. A lasting memory forever. The mentioned rates include start-up, refining, and shipping costs.