Your baby bump: one of the things you can't ignore during pregnancy. It may show up sooner in some women than others, but the purpose of all growing bellies remains the same – to provide a safe home for your baby. The female body is truly miraculous and remarkable!

A 3D figurine of your baby bump!


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Your belly is the safe haven of your little one. A place that cares for, protects, and gets used to a world outside. And the beautiful thing? Every belly is different. Large or small, with or without tiger stripes, just forward or not. The pregnant belly serves one and the same purpose: complete protection for your baby. An ode to your belly!

A tangible memory of your pregnancy

Our partners in the Netherlands have already immortalized over 3000 baby bumps and have a lot of experience in creating a tangible memory. The Sisters in Copenhagen build on this experience and utilize the expertise in creating your figurine.

Thousands of baby bumps immortalized!

Although we can't see anything from the outside, there's actually a lot happening inside that baby bump of yours. It grows along with your baby for a full nine months, giving him or her plenty of room to move. Many future moms find it difficult after pregnancy to remember what their pregnant belly looked like. With a 3D figurine, you can always go back to that moment, wherever and whenever you want.

The baby bump: a great wonder

You've made the decision, you want a tangible memory! But how does it actually work? Using a handheld scanner, your body is captured in a 3D photo in about three minutes. This 3D photo is the basis of your 3D figurine, and can be seen as a sort of mold. Depending on the type of figurine, it is made using modern techniques or by a bronze caster.

How your baby bump is transformed into a 3D figurine

You may want to tell the whole world the news – you're pregnant! Maybe there isn't much to see yet, but that will come with time. It's still fun to think about how, and whether, you want to commemorate your pregnancy. Through a special pregnancy photoshoot, by using plaster, or maybe even with a baby bump 3D figurine! Tangible and identical to your own beautiful belly.

Baby bump 3D figurine

Pregnancy is a great adventure! At first, it may feel a little awkward, but as your baby bump begins to grow, you get used to it more and more. How beautiful would it be to immortalize that baby bump in 3D? Unique and 100% identical to your own body.

Capture your baby bump in a unique 3D figurine

a very special gift