It remains a special concept: your belly as a safe haven for your little one during pregnancy. That time flies by - and then it can be difficult to imagine what your pregnant belly looked like. Would you rather have a memory for life? That's possible with a 3D belly sculpture, 100% unique to your own body.

A 3D Belly Sculpture as a precious memory


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Your belly is the safe haven of your little one. A place that cares for, protects, and gets used to a world outside. And the beautiful thing? Every belly is different. Large or small, with or without tiger stripes, just forward or not. The pregnant belly serves one and the same purpose: complete protection for your baby. An ode to your belly!

A tangible memory of your pregnancy

We recommend capturing your belly in week 33 - 36 of your pregnancy. Because you'll receive your unique belly sculpture after your baby is born, it's often even more special to have your pregnant body from back then in your hands and absorb it. A way to remember and look back on that special period whenever you want.

The 3D belly sculpture: a memory for life

We often hear the question: whether creating a 3D belly sculpture is in any way dangerous for your unborn child. Absolutely not! With a handheld scanner, we create the basis of your sculpture. Because this scanner works the same way as a normal camera, your baby won't notice anything and you can enjoy a special experience without worries.

Your unique belly sculpture - harmless for your baby

As many people, as many wishes - that's why we have something for everyone. Ranging from various materials in different price ranges to a lot of ways to display your sculpture. And the best part? With so many different options, the belly sculptures are not often the same, giving the unique concept different meanings in various ways.

The different possibilities of a belly sculpture

You may be nervous when making an appointment. Because you don't know what to expect, or because you find it exciting to undress. That's why we start the appointment with a personal conversation, to first get you used to the environment. Only when you're ready, we'll start and it will take a maximum of three minutes to fully scan your pregnant body for your unique belly sculpture.

The process of a belly sculpture

Pregnant women often look at their bodies to absorb what the female body is capable of: from change to growth and protection. If only you could capture that image, keep it and put it in a box forever. But what if you could, in the form of a belly sculpture?

Immortalize your beautiful pregnant belly in a belly sculpture

a very special gift