You can call it a gift to yourself, a unique 3D print of your pregnant belly. A tribute to the fact that your body is capable of this. A memory, to go back to that moment and remember how it felt. But above all, a tangible object that you can place wherever you want. Because you are proud, because you are worth it.

A 3D print of your pregnant belly


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Your belly is the safe haven of your little one. A place that cares for, protects, and gets used to a world outside. And the beautiful thing? Every belly is different. Large or small, with or without tiger stripes, just forward or not. The pregnant belly serves one and the same purpose: complete protection for your baby. An ode to your belly!

A tangible memory of your pregnancy

Perhaps you need to think about it some more, or maybe you already know. Whatever your situation, we advise you to make an appointment as soon as you have made up your mind, because our schedule fills up quickly. If you already know at week 15 of your pregnancy that you want a 3D print of your pregnant belly, you can already reserve your spot. Check our availability in our agenda!

When will you plan your 3D belly print?

We often get asked if it is also possible to make a figurine from a (normal) 2D photo. But because a 2D photo has no depth, you cannot make a 3D image of it that is 100% identical to your own body. A 3D scan, which is made with a special handheld scanner, is really the basis for making a 3D print of your pregnant belly.

Why a 3D print is different from a photo

A 3D print of your pregnant belly means that you see everything that is on your body, including stretch marks, tattoos, scars or any imperfections. We love the female body just the way it is, but you may want to soften certain imperfections yourself. We edit the scan by hand for you, until you are satisfied with it.

A 3D print of your pregnant belly: a one-to-one copy

Absolutely not. The 3D printing technology works with the same technology as a camera, including the flashes. Did you know that our 3D scanner takes up to 1000 photos per minute? When we walk around your body in three minutes, we have enough time to scan a 3D print of your pregnant belly.

Is a 3D belly print dangerous?

Although pregnancy lasts nine months, the time flies by. It is therefore more than logical that you have the need to keep this memory alive for as long as possible in the form of a beautiful and tangible work of art: a 3D print of your pregnant belly.

A 3D belly print as a tribute to your pregnancy

a very special gift